How to Wholesale Cellphone Accessories from China 2021: A Complete Guide

Don’t know how to wholesale cellphone accessories from China? If not, don’t worry, this article will be of great help in eliminating your doubts. Clarity eliminates confusion and this question is asked by many; therefore, it is essential to have a thorough grasp of the bothering question. So, without further ado let’s get in depth with ways to wholesale cellphone accessories from China.


Below are some basic guidelines that will give you a quick overview on how to get started:

Build alliances with established phone manufacturers: in order to receive a fruitful discount for business services it will always be a great choice to approach the main manufacturers or the local suppliers. As far as cellphones are concerned, you may directly contact companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple or Alibaba.

Promote the services you provide: To reach out to a wide audience; it is very important to increase awareness by using various advertising platforms, eg; newspapers, website ads, point of sale displays, radio and television. You can also use various social media platforms to spread a message and attract potential suppliers and consumers.

Invest in warehouse facility: you will need some place to store a large quantity of accessories. Having a warehouse/storage facility can make the supplying process quicker and seamless. Before finding power bank supplier or a pd charger supplier makes sure you do thorough research.

Why Wholesale Cellphone accessories from China?

China is the world’s largest manufacturer, and no one can deny that the country is at the forefront of innovation. Providing the globe with its highly effective solutions and accessories. Moreover, the prices are very lucrative and reasonable.

Exceptional value: China invests in the latest ultra-modern technology which further unlocks doors to limitless upgrades and advancements. Also keep in mind that these advancements have led to a substantial upsurge in demand; so you can expect smooth and easy supplying. You’ll be able to sell your products considerably faster, ensuring a large profit margin.

A diverse range of unique products: interestingly there are countless products that have not been unveiled to everyone or maybe awareness wasn’t raised. China has manufactured cellphone accessories that is way beyond ones preconceived imagination.

Fewer Competitors: Keeping up with such advancements is definitely not an easy task, which is why China is dominating amongst other countries. So, if you are looking for stability, you can expect successful outcomes. Because you can sell products in bulk; meeting your profit aims and objectives. Moreover, lesser competition leads to increased chance of market domination and securing a loyal customer base.

What are the most trending cellphone accessories to wholesale from China?

The need for modern chargers, USB cables, power banks, wireless Bluetooth earphones, and a long list of other items has been steadily increasing. Wholesale usb cable and gain favorable outcomes. Let’s discuss about the 3 significant ones.

  • WholesaleFast chargers

Many people across the world are using fast chargers as a result of technological improvements and increased awareness. It is capable of charging your device much quicker than standard chargers. In terms of wholesaling, selling fast chargers in China guarantees you profitable results owing to their enhanced utilization and reliability.

  • Wholesale USB cables

If you are looking for increased convenience and spontaneous results, USB cables can be a good friend of yours. USB cables are widely used by many due to its flexible approach. USB cable supplier and custom USB cable manufacturer are available almost everywhere in China. So, if you concerned about supplying complexities; be assured that USB cables promises convenient and favorable outcomes. Furthermore, micro usb cables and type c usb cables are also widely available in the wholesale market. In bulk buy usb cables seamlessly.

  • Wholesale Power banks

Power banks are a great alternative of chargers that are massive in size. In bulk power banks are used and in the wholesale market power banks value has significantly  increased. It will help tremendously in locations where charging pods aren’t readily available. It substantially saves your time and can be taken absolutely anywhere. Its increased demand and usage makes it a reliable wholesaling accessory.

How to find a cellphone accessories supplier from China?

In order to boost the distribution process and to establish a solid foundation; finding the right supplier is essential. As there are numerous scams, you should examine various factors before choosing the proper source. So, bear in mind that background experience, reputation and assurance are important elements to consider before proceeding.

Below are some ways that can foster your journey and eliminates unnecessary hassles.

  • Come to China in Person/ Explore the suppliers in China: China offers limitless possibilities, and these possibilities are supplied by many sources. You will have to thoroughly go through numerous suppliers available and compare them to your expectations. After finding the right supplier; only finalize deals if you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Find a supplier before coming to China

You can look for existing suppliers with the help of social media platforms or extensive research. It is always better to be prepared with the selected contacts you have chosen as it saves time and eliminates confusion. In terms of accessories, finding wholesale power bank, charger or usb cable supplier should not be too difficult.

  • Come to China first, then find a supplier

Clarity eliminates confusion, so do ensure that you are well aware of your expectations. Sometimes using virtual methods to finalize major decisions can be ineffective. However, visiting China can allow face to face interactions with the suppliers of cellphone accessories, allowing you to have a deeper insight of future prospects and present conditions.


  • Trade Shows & Fairs of Electronic Products

Exhibitions and trade shows will be very beneficial in gaining a thorough grasp of the potential suppliers available. Moreover, live interactions will eliminate doubts and concerns, further allowing you to have a greater insight of the varieties of cellphone accessories offered.

  • Online Searching

An answer to every question of yours can be found online; and the solutions can boost your decision process. So, searching online can unveil countless acquaintances that could allow you to find the right supplier.

  • Websites for Finding Suppliers in the Wholesale Electronics Industry

By searching for electronics online you will have access to a wide range of products and reasonable prices. Moreover, it is a great way to secure your trust as transparency is thoroughly maintained. Be it to wholesale power bank or to

wholesale pd charger the list Below enlists websites to find suppliers:

  • com
  • com
  • com


  • Sourcing Company

Global sourcing companies can allow you to dominate easily by unlocking your access to latest products before reaching potential competitors. Moreover, it assures maximized product production and it secures an opportunity to learn new skills from the resources provided.

5 Tips You Need to Know Before Importing cellphone accessories from China

Importing can leave many perplexed but its not as complex as you think it is. With adequate knowledge you will be all set. Below are top 5 essential factors to consider.

Quality Testing and Certifications

Ensuring that the cellphone accessories have been through quality testing can significantly allow you to propel smoothly. Since, it eliminates the risk of default damage and satisfying experience you can expect great profit margins. Do ensure that you are initiate deals after verifying certifications.


Adequate packaging is essential in ensuring that the risk of product explosion is at bay. Furthermore, packaging plays a huge role in protecting the accessories from unexpected damage. Before proceeding do rectify with the packaging standards; in order to ensure that inessential issues are on a minimal level.


Compliance Testing

Validation and matching up to specific requirements are essential in ensuring that the importing process is carried out seamlessly. Before proceeding with a supplier ensure that you thoroughly go through the compliance testing certificate, this is done mainly to ensure that quality and originality of the product is not compromised.

Technology Licensing

Don’t be tricked by a cellphone accessories ostentatious appearance. The cellphone accessories need to be fully functional when unboxed and therefore It is very important for suppliers to have this license without it can be nearly impossible to proceed. So, look out for technology licensing certificate as it plays a crucial role in the importing process.


Different Regulations of US and EU Market,Japan,South Korea

Different sets of rules and regulations are essential in ensuring that importing process is carried out smoothly. Rules and regulations followed by different countries may vary. However, certain certifications and regulations must be complied with at all times to minimize the chances of unnecessary difficulties.



CE stands for Conformitè Europëenne in French or European conformity in English. This regulation is made to ensure that products meet the safety requirements and European product standards. Without this mark importing  products to Europe will not be allowed.


This regulation focuses more on quality and safety standards. It is not mandatory for all suppliers to have this mark for importing products.


The abbreviation stands for restrictions of hazardous substances and if you want to import your items to the United States, you must examine this regulation and include since importing without it is unlawful. It is mostly to be careful and preventative.


This regulation mostly relates to technology objects such as smartphone accessories and wireless technology, with the aim of ensuring that the electronic waves that are regularly emitted are not detrimental. Certain electronics cannot be imported without this regulation.


Ul certification ensures that product has matched specific criteria and can be made available to the final consumers as it passed all verification stages. Obtaining this certificate can increase trust levels and maintain supplier and customer loyalty.

PSE to Japan

The abbreviation stands for product safety electrical appliances and material. The PSE law mainly focuses on electronic safety. Whilst importing accessories to Japan it must be pse certified. Once the formalities are fulfilled there won’t be anything to bother you from importing.

KC to South Korea

KC a stands for Korea certification, similar to pse kc is a regulation that is made for fulfilling the electronic product safety standards up to the requirements of South Korea. This certificate is mandatory for all products being imported to Korea.

Shipping cellphone accessories from china

Shipping is one of the main stages and if you worried about it don’t be as their are ways to transport goods using multiple ways. Below are the most used and effective methods to transport your products.

Sea Freight Shipping

If you are looking for a cost effective and hassle free solution then sea freight shipping will be of great assistance. Main benefit of this medium of transportation is that you can transport accessories in bulk and in terms of delivery costs it’s comparatively reasonable.

Air Freight Shipping

If you are looking for quick shipping, air freight hopping will securely transport your goods, in almost no time. However this is an expensive method but saves you a lot of time. Unless you have deadlines to meet, you should prevent using it as it’s not a cost effective solution.

Rail Freight Shipping

Neighboring countries can be very close to another and in such situations air shipping or sea shipping may not be ideal. Not only Is this medium cost effective but it also saves your valuable time. Furthermore, you can ship accessories in bulk.

Door to Door Shipping

In this modern generation, flexibility is given a lot of value and as a result we have door to door shipping; mainly to increase convenience and save time. However, this solution is not made available to all countries and so it can be quite expensive and difficult to track orders. But in the upcoming years this will surely be of the most effective way to ship accessories.

Get product quotes based on trade terms (FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.)

EXW Quote

EXW is a International trade term which refers to sellers making  products available at a designated area and the buyer bears the transportation costs.

How is the price quoted?

Buyer may be liable for delivering costs.

FOB Quote

FOB stands for free on board which means that the seller is accountable for the delivery costs until loaded. Initially the buyer may pay for the goods but it’s deducted later on.

How is the price quoted?

The cost of delivering is the price quoted from the seller to the buyer and it varies from a country to another.

CIF Quote

CIF stands for cost insurance and freight. It refers to a seller covering invoice value and insurance costs,  and  subsequently when the goods are loaded the buyer bears the remaining costs.

How is the price quoted?

Invoice+ insurance + transportation

Elinkero is a leading Cellphone accessories Products Manufacturer and supplier in China with 10 years+ experience. To meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we invest in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that ensure continuous improvement. We strive to provide high quality at a reasonable price to ensure that suppliers are satisfied with enhanced and improved devices. In bulk we supply portable phone chargers, and we also wholesale type c cables. We have satisfied consumers and suppliers from all around the world. 

What products we mainly supply

If you are worried about quality, don’t be. Elinkero never comprises on quality standards, the best is what we deliver to you. We offer certified and custom USB charger, custom USB cables and power banks. the accessories we provide are customizable and is made using ultra-modern technology. We also supply 45w pd chargers and 18w pd chargers. Furthermore, we also wholesale android chargers with custom usb c cable. Due to increased demand power bank are sold in bulk and ordered by countless people.


Enough Ready stocks in European local warehouse and Shenzhen warehouse

We are well equipped and have all of our products available in bulk. Be it importing or delivering the accessories to you; precision is maintained at all levels. our taskforce is well versed with the fundamental principles which is one of the main reason behind our well maintained logistics department. In bulk buy usb chargers and wholesale power banks. We are in touch with the best custom shape power bank manufacturer and pd charger manufacturer. Additionally we are USB charger suppliers with validation and authorization.

OEM ODM service

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. OEM is flexible approach to design products in any desired way. Moreover, OEM service is ideal for newcomers launching a new product; if you are looking for designing, recreating, or modifying a product then OEM will be of great help. In other words, OEM provides manufacturing services to produce devices in bulk.

ODM stands for original design manufacturer If you are looking for a cost-effective solution than ODM is the right choice as its comparatively cheaper than OEM. Moreover, this service is ideal for those looking to minor changes to existing product design.

Personalized packaging

Apart from presentation packaging plays a crucial role in determining and maintain the condition of a product. So, look no further if you are looking for personalized packaging, the services we provide will be persuasive enough to fulfill your expectations. Be it custom usb chargers, custom usb power bank or power banks in wholesale. We also wholesale pd charger, custom usb cables and power bank chargers in bulk.



Importing isn’t as difficult as you may think; there are a few rules to follow, but with thorough research and action, everything will fall into place. The power bank wholesale market is high in demand as people are in need of immediate solutions. You can expect services from elinkero to fulfil your expectations. We make every effort to serve you the finest service possible. In bulk you can buy usb c cables, custom usb type c cable and even personalized USB hubs.



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