Fast Charging Power Banks And Cell Phones Fast Charging Power Banks Trends 2021

The rise of the smart phone app industry, increased work on virtual platforms, and the arrival of the 5G era has resulted in increased dependability of devices and these factors contribute to a high consumption of phone battery and power. Regular power banks are not capable of satisfying today’s essential requirements; however, fast charging power banks are widely available to reduce the difficulties faced.  If you are looking to wholesale or stock new power bank styles for your market, you must read this blog as it will eliminate your doubts and concerns.  

What is a power bank?

Power banks are portable chargers that can be used to charge your devices. It delivers energy through electric current. Their popularity has skyrocketed since they are a cost-effective and convenient alternative for people seeking immediate results. Which is why people in bulk buy power banks. You only need to charge it for 2-4 hours (or more, depending on the type of power bank), and you are good to go. Power bank wholesale market is also vastly expanded.

Types of Power banks available in the market

There are several types of power banks available in the market to fulfil various requirements. you can also wholesale power banks, below is a list of the varieties available:

1.Bluetooth Speaker Power bank: Interestingly, Bluetooth speakers can play multiple roles and charging your device is one of it and in bulkthis type of power bank chargersare sold. You can gain maximum advantage of wireless Bluetooth streaming and charging as you can charge your device and play music simultaneously.

2.Solar Panel Power Bank: The solar panels store energy from the sun and allow you to charge your batteries. In other words, the energy stored from the solar panels is transformed into electricity. It’s an environmentally friendly option; however, it can be quite expensive, but it is worth it in many ways.

3.Quick Charge Power Bank: Those looking for instantaneous results can make the most of Quick charge power banks. It guarantees 50-70% In just 20-30min. This type may be suitable for latest smartphones that have higher battery sized and capacity. Quick charge powerbanks demand is increasing in the wholesale market.

4.Wireless Charging Power Bank: All you have to do is place your device on the power bank and your device will be charged almost instantly. This may not be applicable to all device versions because it is designed for the most recent smartphones and gadgets.

5.Custom Shape Rubber Power bank: Purchasing a customized rubber shape power bank isn’t too expensive any of your favorite designs or emojis can be used as a source to charge your device.

6.Special Shape Power Bank: Power banks may be customized and ordered in whatever shape you prefer; carrying one can fulfil your expectations and remember that custom shape power banks are also reasonably priced.

7.Funny & Cartoon PVC Series: Kids with specific expectations can make most of the custom power banks that are designed as their favorite cartoon characters. Suppliers also wholesale promotional logo power banks.

8.Polymer Battery Slim Power Bank: Polymer batteries secure high-power density than other alternatives, and due to its light and slim texture, you can carry it around easily. As far as price is concerned; it’s very reasonable. The demand of this type has gradually increased in the wholesale power bank market.

Maximum capacity of power banks

Power banks capacity plays a huge role in determining the overall speed of the charging process. In just about all situations, the larger the charger’s size, the higher the charger’s capacity. In bulk power bank of varying capacities are sold. Wholesale power banks are widely distributed by Samsung and iphone suppliers.

Power Bank 1200-3000mAh: Power banks between the range of 1200-3000mAh have a working life of 3-5 years and is ideal for phones, Bluetooth devices, tablets/iPad and cameras. As far as usage is concerned, it can work up to 2-8 hours.

Power Bank 3000~6000mAh: Between this range you can expect your smartphones to charge quite rapidly. However, if your device capacity is more than 3000-6000mAh you will not see efficient results.

Power Bank 10000~23400mAh: If you want to charge 2 or more devices then this range will be suitable as it secures promising results. You can charge your latest smartphone along with wireless earphones. It may take 5-7 hours to charge power banks within this range. Ideal for laptops and latest devices with high capacities.

What are fast charging power banks?

Chargers with 4.8/24WATT will bring the quickest results and you can charge two devices simultaneously. Compared to obsolete device versions, it would be better to use fast charging banks for newer or latest devices. Power banks with varying capacities determine the speed of charging. Power banks with 10,000 mAH battery size can charge almost every device very quickly. Unlike promotional mini power bank, fast chargers with high capacity may be quite larger in size.

How do fast charging power banks work?

The higher the WATTs delivered, the greater the speed of charging. Fast charging power banks increases WATTs delivered to your device’s battery. After adequately charging the power bank you can charge your devices and expect successful outcomes.

Fast charging power banks require a input socket for receiving power. Mostly, usb sockets are used to fasten the charging process, it can be connected to laptops or other mediums. An led indicator is present in most of the power banks. 1A-1.5A work best for phones and 1.5-2.0A are ideal for larger devices( tablets, laptops or cameras).

If you are wondering how fast charging power banks work remember constant current and constant voltage. Constant current ensures that there is no fluctuations in the voltage levels and constant voltage provides an adequate supply of voltage. So the constant current phase is liable in getting seamless pumping of current into the device battery, until it reaches its maximum voltage capacity. And current voltage ensures that the fast charging process is carried out smoothly. Therefore the fast charging process works best when devices are under 50% charge. However, be cautious when it goes above 80%

The Trends for fast Power banks

The use of power banks has expanded dramatically as a result of the rising need for fast results and convenience. You can also wholesale power bank by finding the right supplier. Power bank suppliers are widely available, do make sure that your purchase power banks from a reliable one. Power banks are utilized by almost everyone, but lets go over it in greater depth.

Aiming at men customers: As a result of increased dependability on devices and electronics; men who work on a regular basis have started using power banks. It has benefited people by saving time and reducing costs. Most businessmen’s carry power banks around to ensure that there are no issues caused due to insufficient battery levels. Since there won’t be a need to charge multiple devices; battery’s with less capacity can be utilized. Power banks in bulk are used by men customers. 10,000-20,000 mAh should be the right capacity as it fulfill various purposes.

Aiming at Women Customers:Women have been found to be on their screens for a lengthened period of time which has raised concerns when the battery gets low. However, all they can do is simply carry slim power banks along with them whenever needed. Anything between the range of 6,000-10,000mAh should be ideal do check your devices capacity before proceeding.

Aiming at outdoor Customers: People who frequently have to stay outdoors face may face difficulties charging. Power banks has significantly reduced this problem as it is easy to carry around and can be utilized for a lengthened period of time. Its demand has also increased due to its cost-effectiveness. So if you mostly spend your time outside, power banks will be a good friend of yours. If you are willing to stay outside for a lengthened period of time pocket power banks can be ideal as they are effective and easy to carry.

Aiming at Traveling Customers: Passionate travelers are fond of blogging and capturing moments for which cameras and other devices is needed. There are specific power banks for travelers so do check those out before proceeding. If you looking to charge multiple devices at once whilst traveling then look for power banks that has a capacity of 10,000-15,000mAh. In areas where charging ports or stations are not available; power banks can be of huge help.

Regular Buying Considerations Customers Can Have Before Purchasing Power Banks

Consciousness is a crucial factor that will play an important role in eliminating unnecessary complexities. As a customer you must ensure that the best is being delivered to you. Wholesale phone power bank manufacturer and wholesale phone power bank factories incessantly work in ensuring that the best is delivered to you. Below are some factors that you should consider before purchasing power banks. 

Capacity and Charging Speed: Fast chargers allow you to recharge your phone faster than other alternatives would do and it also allows you to have complete access, seamlessly. As a customer you must be clear with your purpose of buying a power bank. Varying power bank capacities work better with specific devices. If you are looking for fast charging power bank looks for power banks with high WATTs. The highest capacity is 40,000mAh and above, before purchasing be clear about your purpose of use. Capacities that vary between 5,000-10,000mAh is suitable for most devices.

Durability: What you purchase must be worth it. As a customer you should ensure that you are purchasing power banks that are long-lasting and durable. 10,000mAh power bank is ideal for all device purposes and it can last for 3-8months ( if used adequately it can last for much longer).

Safety: As a consumer you must ensure that quality is not compromised, there have been many cases where unreliable power banks led to major-minor complexities. Furthermore, you should acquire models that are compatible with your devices and gadgets to secure maximum efficiency. While traveling, the power bank should be easy to carry and safe to use. It should also not obstruct the functioning of multiple devices plugged in. Led indicator significantly reduce the problem of danger as it can unveil accurate battery percentage.

Compatibility: Not only should a power bank be compatible with phones, but it should also be able to charge other devices. It should work with earbuds, iPads, fitness trackers, and other portable electronic gadgets. However, you must do a little research before purchasing a power bank; to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled. The right capacity can be determined by the devices capacity, before wholesaling or purchasing do ensure that both a device and power bank support the capacity levels. 10,000mAh may be ideal for all devices.

Size and Weight: On many occasions carrying chargers large in size can not only be difficult but inessential. There are many power banks available in different size and weight. So, purchase power banks in accordance with your specific requirements. Power banks with 10,000-15,000mAh weigh around 150-200 grams and those above 15,000mAh may weigh 300 grams or more.

LED Display and LED lights: In order to enhance your convenience, there are now power banks available that have LED display and LED lights that can present time, battery indicators and more. Additionally, it is reasonably priced. Suppliers now widely wholesale LED power bank chargers.If you are wondering what LED display and LED light does, it simply acts as an indicator and specifically shows the battery levels.


The possibilities of encountering serious obstacles are slim, but they do occur, and as a customer, you must ensure that your purchasing power banks that benefit you in every way.  It’s pointless to buy devices that aren’t of good quality. Take a look at Elinkero’s power banks. We have a large selection of power banks and chargers to choose from to meet your fundamental needs and we are dominating in supplying power banks in the wholesale market. Lastly, purchase power banks from reliable sources; especially if you are looking for long-term usage and durability.




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